Comfort and Care for Old Folks

Malaysia elderly care centres are typically crowded and mundanely equipped places. However, Nancy Chang runs care centres that emphasise on the comfort and well-being of occupants.

"Elderly care centres should be well-designed and provided with appropriate facilities that cater to the health and recreational needs of aged cccupants. Such centres should be more than mere buildings," says Nancy, who has more than 20 years of experience in running elderly care centres in Ipoh.

For example, among the elderly care centres operated by Nancy is Our Sweet Home which is set up in a single-storey bungalow with a built-up of 4,000++ sq ft and land area of 9,500 sq ft.

Our Sweet Home, located in Ipoh Garden. Facilities include air-conditioning, refrigerators, cabinets, television sets with Astro channels and sofas.

"Every room has windows, is airy and well-lighted. There are no double-decker beds for the convenience and safety of residents," says Our Sweet Home administrator Nancy.

A spacious living environment is enabled as each room is not overly crowded with too many occupants.

Other facilities in the home include a spacious television/common hall where elderly can mingle with each other and a small indoor garden, with a mini water fountain, for better ventilation and interior cooling.

Due to the large land area, residents have plenty of open space to enjoy recreational and healthy physical activities.

Staff at the home will help to wash clothes and cook for residents. Even help with bathing is provided to those who need such care.

"It is like a small hotel. The residents are well taken care of and provided with lots of comfort," says Nancy.

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